October 22, 2021

Fitness Journal – Week 1

Hello everyone,

So here we are in the first week of my fitness journal and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

I wanted to upload another blog post with this journal but the baby has been so cranky that I cannot sit alone for a minute when he is awake. Mostly because of the leap 6 that he is going through. It ends in a week and I am hoping he becomes a happy dude once again.

I am using an application to track my daily diet. As I am breastfeeding, I cannot consume less than 1800 calories a day. So my target is to consume 2000 calories and add protein and fibre to the diet. Also, the calories tracker probably cannot totally track the calories in our Indian diet, so the measurements plus minus of 100 calories.

Monday, 15th May

Ended the day with 616 calories remaining. Had a sprouts salad for snacks and made sure to add more protein to diet everyday. Did a lower body workout and was sore for the whole day.

Tuesday, 16th May

Had paranthas for breakfast and repented that all day long. Started with a killer upper body workout and had to stop after 5 minutes because the intensity of exercises was too much for me. Switched to a 10 minutes equipment free upper body workout and completed that with a nice stretching routine. This day too ended with around 400 calories remaining.

Wednesday, 17th May

Went out to shop for the little one and ended up having chaat from a restaurant. Also had rice in the afternoon which made me full all day long. Did a 15 minute abs workout. Though not the best one. I think I ate more than 2000 calories on this day. Sad !

Thursday, 18th May

Took a break from working out because I was feeling tired and the baby wasn’t co-operating at all. Went out for dinner but had a light meal. Consumed 1700 calories.

Friday, 19th May

Did a terrific 36 minutes calorie blasting lower body workout and man that felt so amazing. Diet wise the day was good. I am planning to switch to healthier breakfast options. Ended the day with 1800 calories consumption.

Saturday, 20th May

Started the day with yummy steel cut masala oats. Felt so sore after Friday’s session that I skipped the workout and instead went for a long brisk walk with the bub. Again did not hit my 2000 calories mark.

Now we’re at the moment of truth !

I lost 1 lb (0.5kg) in this week. And if I continue this way I will achieve my goal in 8 weeks.

Though I have been trying to exercise since two weeks now, I feel I couldn’t give my best this week. I always thought it was easy to take out 30 minutes from the busy day but I also need to shower before holding the baby so I need almost 40-50 minutes. And by the time I am done, he creates a ruckus in the house. But I won’t let that hamper my spirit because I need to feel good to be able to take care of him. So let’s up this game and start the new week with a bang !


PS – I did not want to bore you with the details of diet. Though I have mentioned some changes that I have incorporated.  

23 thoughts on “Fitness Journal – Week 1

  1. This is so inspiring dear…i go crazy when i workout and these days running behind my little boy is my cardio!!!


  2. I love your log of food.. helps with actually being true to the diet. I consumed so much butter today…that I might as well cover myself in it.

    I think we can do this..with regular posts and all that ..create a community of people encouraging each other.

  3. My last comment got lost. Sigh! I think this is a great way to remain teue to the regimen. And it is not about the kilos.lost it is about how healthy you feel.

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