January 28, 2023

A guide for the Baby’s First Winter

First Winter

The first winter is very crucial for the baby. Ayu was born in September and we stayed at my hometown (Chandigarh) during his first winter. I was worried about the cold and infections. But thankfully we had a smooth winter season. I learnt a few tricks from the mistakes I made and have explained them in this post. I hope you have a stress free and snuggly time with your new born.

Understand why the first winter is crucial

Babies are not able to regulate their body temperature like us adults. And that is the reason they are not able to cope up with the cold during their first winter. This cold can lead to some serious infections and illnesses. And thus, we need to be careful.

Dress him in layers

Layering is the trick to protect the baby from the cold. My doctor recommended to dress the baby in one layer extra as compared to me. So if I am wearing 3 layers of clothes, he should wear four. The clothes should be breathable to avoid over heating.

Do not bathe him everyday

Babies do not get dirty too soon. Bathe him once in 2-3 days to avoid dehydrating his skin. And bathe him right. Check the water temperature by inserting your elbow in the water. Too hot water rips the moisture off the baby’s skin and can cause irritation. Give a quick bath and put clothes on him immediately. Cover the head and chest as soon as he is out of the water. That helps in retaining the heat for some more time and prevents sudden change in body temperature.

Use a good moisturiser

A good moisturiser should be applied as soon as the baby is out of the bath. Moisturise according to the skin of the baby. If his skin is too dry, apply a moisturiser 2-3 times a day. If it is supple, one application would be enough.

A guide for the Baby's First Winter

Keep baby’s vaccinations up to date

Get your baby the necessary vaccinations at the right time. That helps protecting him from harmful diseases. Flu shot is given after the baby turns six months old. And is now mandatory in India too.

Keep the Hands clean

Babies love putting their hands in their mouth. And that can transfer germs. Wash his hands a number times during the day. Or use good wipes to regularly clean his hands. Anyone who touches the baby should wash his hands first or use a good hand sanitiser. 

Keep baby’s feet /head covered

Keep baby’s head or feet covered at all times. Any one would be fine (indoors). When taking the baby outside in cold, make sure you dress him up properly and cover his head, feet and hands too.


Try to take him out in the sun as much as possible because it is an excellent source of vitamin D and also helps to improve the immunity of the baby.


Invest in a good humidifier and keep it in baby’s room. This helps in keeping the room warm and moist. This moisture helps in reducing the dryness in the baby’s nasal mucosa. If the baby suffers from blocked nose, use saline water drops to helps clear his nasal passage. Consult his doctor if you hear any type of wheezing sound or is he develops fever.

How was your first winter with the baby? 

44 thoughts on “A guide for the Baby’s First Winter

  1. Sounds like we are on top of it. Im not too worried though. Im from Denmark and there its very normal that your baby sleep outside in a big stroller for nap time, its proven that babies get a better immune system sleeping outside in fresh weather instead of a stuffed room. Just a little fun fact 🙂 Awesome post, always good to have a check list! Happy holidays <3

  2. I have an October baby and I was equally tensed about our first winters. But we did well.. we dressed in layers too and used warm mustard oil for baby’s massages. We would also do some warm heater massages and keep her feet covered. Your tips are effective and I am sure will help new mommies.

  3. Very healful advice. here winters are never that cold, so dint needs to follow much for my lo. Still, Winters are usually difficult with newborn babies.

  4. Wonderful tips! First winters are undoubtedly very crucial for infants. A lot of people believe that if first winters pass by without any infection to the baby, that ensures a good and strong immune system all through the child’s life.

  5. That’s a timely list! Though I guess it depends on the baby and location too. Here in Hyderabad, it’s never really cold enough to warrant covering my baby’s head (plus, she never let me :D)

  6. We weren’t in a very cold place during my daughter’s first winters. And now she tells us when she’s too cold or too hot. You have some great tips there to keep little ones warm and comfortable.

  7. Winter is some kind of joke in our part of the country!!! But yes, took care of all the points mentioned above for my first child’s second winter, as we were in the UK then and the change in climate was like extreme for all of us!

  8. This is my baby’s second winter and this time I have prepared in advance. The first time around I didn’t do anything special and he caught his first winter flu. I give warm ajwain water on alternate days in the mornings to keep his immunity up.

  9. we had a smooth winters too thanks to layering ..i was able to remove layers when we visited stuffy places like restaurants…and agree they can’t regulate the body temp hence it is crucial..

  10. I remember sitting for hours with my baby to soak in the winter sun. Also, endlessly researching on the perfect winter moisturizer. Motherhood is such a wonder. Good post!

  11. These are such helpful points. While going through the post, in my mind, I was thinking where is the sunbath point and finally saw that. Sunlight is very important for both newborn and new mother. That’s why like a custom, people massage new babies under sun light.

  12. Dressing in layers is important because when kids are indoors or while sleeping, they can’t be in too warm a set of clothes. Especially while sleeping there should be just enough layers to keep them from the cold, yet moms should take into account the fact that kids go really hot when sleeping and perspire too.

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