January 28, 2023

First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

First birthday photoshoot

First birthday photoshoot is always special for the family. The babies have a major growth spurt after their first birthdays. Thus it is a wonderful feeling going back to those lovely first birthday pictures. I cannot believe that my little one is a toddler already. We did not arrange a new born photoshoot. So we did not want to miss the first birthday photoshoot. I am sharing some amazing pictures and have talked about ideas that we tried during my little one’s photoshoot. Pictures from the birthday party are already on Instagram 🙂

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Hot Air Balloon

First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas – Hot Air balloon

This is one of my favourite themes. All you need is a small basket and balloons. These balloons can be tied to the basket to make it look like a hot air balloon. Smart, isn’t it!

Bubble Play

First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas – Bubble Play

Bubbles!! This theme makes little one’s excited and surprised brings out some stunning and candid moments like this one. Their expressions are priceless.


First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas - First Birthday Chalkboard
First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas- Chalkboard

Another popular concept is putting down baby’s fun details on a chalkboard. You may get reference from this one. I loved this idea of writing down all the fun aspects. Not to forget the cute little tie he is wearing.

Cake Smash

First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas – Cake Smash

This is a very popular concept now-a-days. And I am sure you might have planned one for your baby too. We especially bought a blue coloured cake to match with our theme. The cake was delicious and looked amazing. If only Ayu liked messy play. He had never got his hands that messy earlier, and somehow he got upset with his hands getting greasy while he smashed his cake. So a tip here, introduce messy colours or food items to babies if you want the cake smash to be a hit, I feel BLW kids do better at this. But I still love his expressions and that cute cloth diaper.

Pictures in bathtub

First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas – Bath Tub Pictures

Bath after the cake smash becomes necessary and you cannot resist getting some lovely pictures clicked.

Twinning Parents

First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas – Parents Twinning

We were asked to twin with the baby, but we both twinned our clothes and let Ayu wear brighter shade. I loved how the three of us look in this picture.

Feel free to get inspired by these themes. Happy first birthday to your bundle of joy 🙂

PS : These pictures were clicked by a professional photographer.

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  1. This is a super adorable post that I even come across. It is really a great idea to do a fancy photo shoot on 1st birthday

  2. This pretty much covered all the first year ideas for a Photo shoot. Comprehensive and well thought.

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