October 22, 2021

A day in the life of an eleven month old

eleven month baby

I am featuring a day in the life of eleven month old Ayu. It is so exciting to see babies grow up. From milk-poop-sleep-repeat to a so many great activities in a day, their life does seem more complicated than ours.

Here is what a typical (good) day looks like

8-9 AM He wakes up for the day and gives mama her favourite cuddles and kisses and is up from the bed. He nurses a bit as soon as he wakes up. If his dad is at home, he takes care of the baby while I freshen up. He is not a good sleeper.

10-11 AM He eats breakfast. Most of the times he has the homemade cereal with curd. Mama makes sure that he eats different thing everyday.

11-1 PM Plays on his mat surrounded by lots of toys. Keeps crawling around and tries to reach the sofa and stand up. He loves to chase slippers. As soon as he sees anyone’s footwear around, he rushes to grab and eat them. So mama does not get anytime to rest, and has to run around him most of the time. Play time also includes teaching him where a fan is or his nose is. He grabs a few bites from mom’s lunch as a snack.

2-3 PM Down for his first nap (which he has started skipping since a few days). He is a light sleeper. So any kind of noise can wake him up. The only way to put him back to sleep is to nurse him.

3-5 PM Wakes up from nap and nurses. He plays for sometime and then I give him a massage and bathe him. He used to love bathing earlier. As he is growing up, bathing him and getting him wear clothes is a big task. Once he is ready, Lunch is served. He mostly poops after he has his lunch. So he cleaned and changed and then back to playing.

6-7 PM He takes a late nap around 6 PM. This one is a short nap and as soon as he wakes up, he is changed and is ready to go for a walk. He sits in his stroller and goes for a walk with mama. Notices planes, flowers, trees and greets everyone he meets with a smile.

7-8 PM His dad and grandpa come back from work and take charge of the baby. He plays with them.Β 

9-10 PM He has his dinner. And goes to the bedroom for bedtime routine.

10-1 AM Putting him to sleep is a major task. Before I try to put him to sleep, he is massaged and changed. The lights are put out and he listens to mama reciting his nursery rhymes. Sometimes he sleeps while nursing. Most of the nights, he nurses and plays and that cycle goes on for an hour. And then when he finally feels tired, he sleeps off.

3 AM Wakes up and wants milk.

5 AM Wakes up and wants milk again

P.S. : On a good day, I take shower in the morning. On a not so good one, he wants me around all the time. I manage to get some me time which includes getting ready, eating and writing while he naps. I can’t believe that I haven’t slept well since eleven months.

When did your child start sleeping through the night?

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50 thoughts on “A day in the life of an eleven month old

  1. My child started sleeping better and regularly from around 1year .Before that going to the loo in the morning was my only wish.Sleeping and bathing were extras.Loved this

  2. Its great that he more or less follows a set schedule at 11 months. My baby had a very erratic schedule till around 14 months. Only once he dropped his morning nap his routine became a little more settled.

  3. Anchal I can relate to your post. Have a 14 months old little munchkin and an elementary schooler sister. My writing time is when both the kiddos are in bed. They are in bed in between 8:30-9:00. So I get some free time before my battery dies.

  4. You reminded me of my 3 am wake up call….my kiddo use to wake up thrice at night …Thank god she finally learned to sleep through night….hehehehe….your munchkin is adorable..❀❀❀

  5. I went back in time. I used to wake up every 2 hours at night too to nurse my daughter till she was 11 months. She slept through the night first time when she was 1.5 years. That is the only reason I chose not to have a second child as I have had so many sleepless nights.

  6. We started our sleeptime routine from 1 Year plus. So here we use to put kids in bed sharp at 9.30pm and slowly slowly they got habit of sleeping by 10.00pm. It takes time but trust me we need to follow it as a ritual to help our kids understand when to sleep.

  7. I have a 10 months old and a 7 years old. Days are jam-packed with the baby’s schedule itself. Getting me time is a luxury. I try to eat and rest when the baby naps, else I will be crankier than him. πŸ™‚ I don’t pick him up if he cries in the night as he won’t stop nursing the whole night if I do. Letting him cry for helped in getting him to sleep better. Even then he wakes up at around 4 am and my day starts at 5.30. I take relief in the fact that in a few years he will stop needing me in the middle of the night. It will get better until then good night sleep is a distant dream. πŸ™‚

  8. So this looks similar to my life a breastfed baby and a light sleeper is the reason he wakes up so often but my baby is a sound sleeper but still at around one he use to wake up for feed now at 22 he eats little more solid and sleeps more so guess Ayu will be in track by 18 months ..

  9. Omg! This seem such a long day. We share daily routine but that timings are different. Also Meera slept through the night only her 4th month. Ever since that 8-10hour straight sleep is a dream.

  10. Reading your article reminds me of my daughter’s routine πŸ˜‰. She used to sleep around 10 pm. Then she used to get up at 3am, 5am , 7am and 9 am.
    It was only when she started her play school that she started getting tired and slept properly.
    However, my boy slept from day 1. He used to get up only during feeds and then again he used to sleep.
    It depends on child also

  11. First of all, loved the pic of your baby and Scout :-).. Scout has also been our companion since my baby was 6 months old. And yes in few months you will get used to this sleeping schedule. I was one of those who slept a lot before being a mommy. Don’t know when I changed along this journey ..

  12. My son is two years old but still he wakes up like a new born baby. He wakes up thrice or twice at night and then have to feed him. Oh my god when will these sleepless nights be gone. Nice write up

  13. My first son was the WORST sleeper. He would be up all night. My second two slept through the night really well. 11 months is such a fun age!

  14. Those middle of the night feedings can really wear you out. I breastfed my Son and he woke up for feedings until he was 15 months old. I was so thankful when he started to sleep thru the night.

  15. I remember my daughter was like this- sometimes felt like everyday was groundhog day! She eventually started sleeping through though it is hard to pinpoint the exact time when it started happening. She’s 22months now and only wakes through the night if she is unwell/teething etc!

  16. Those sleepless nights are the tough parts of being a new mom. All three of my kids slept through the night before eleven months (I was lucky), but each one was different. I did find that the farther I was from them, the more they slept through the night. There was a bed in my baby’s room, so I would often crash on that bed after a late-night feeding so that I was closer to the baby. Guess what? The baby woke up to nurse more often. When I stopped crashing on the bed in the room, she stopped waking up so much!

  17. It sounds like you guys have a great routine. I used to have something similar with my youngest. But then he stopped sleeping at night and any routine we had just went out the window!!

    Louise x

  18. As an empty-nester this brings back memories of when my girls were babies. It seemed like it would last forever, but in the blink of an eye they were teens, then college grads, and now one daughter is engaged. Enjoy every single minute of the 3 am and 5 am feedings. Soon they’ll be a beautiful but distant memory.

  19. All sleepless nights and tantrums are worth that one hug or kiss we get from them! Such innocent little beings they are. Enjoy every phase while it lasts.

  20. Oh my goodness, that’s a busy day! My kids are now 8, 10 and 17 and I was thinking yesterday that I’m so glad they’re not demanding babies anymore! So tiring, lol! It does fly though, that time.

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