October 22, 2021

C for Communication, the Key to A Healthy Relationship

C for communication

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Good communication helps in clearing a lot of confusion and creating stronger bonds. This might take a toll when you have a baby because a lot of time and attention goes in taking care of your little one. Both the parents try hard to tend to the demands of the little one and they forget to take out time for each other.

C for Communication

Communication between you and spouse is important at all times but it needs more attention after you have a baby. Firstly because you focus on your baby and your relationship with your spouse takes a back seat. Secondly, the stress of being a new parent takes a toll on your. The baby needs you all the time and thus there is no time for you two. This can go on for a long time, even when the baby turns into a toddler. I remember there are so many instances that I forget to convey important things to my husband. And remember them when he is asleep or forget about it altogether.

Both the parents go through many emotions after having the baby. I would say, the mother is more susceptible to the post baby blues because of the hormonal changes. The best a husband can do to help his wife who is a new mom is to “be there” for her as much as possible. Try to help her in the baby’s daily schedule. Or put the baby to a nap so that she can take some rest. Sometimes, fathers find it difficult to bond with the baby. This is where the mother can help and involve him. Teach him little things like how to put on the diaper, burp the baby etc.

All this is only possible if there is good communication between the parents.

C for Communication, the Key to A Healthy Relationship

Take out time for each other

Take out some time for each other every day. Even if it starts with five minutes. My husband and I call each other during the day time whenever possible. And sometimes that is the only quality time we get. Never hide your feelings from each other even you feel stupid in conveying them. These small steps help in making the marriage stronger. No one can read other’s mind. Convey everything that you wish to 🙂

Give respect

I know things get out of control sometimes. And that leads to shouting and fighting. One thing I have learnt, come what may, never disrespect each other. Whatever you say to each other, say it with love and affection.

Be a good listener

If you want your spouse to listen to you, be a good listener yourself first. If you do that, your spouse will turn to you whenever the need be.

Do what excites you two

Having a baby doesn’t put an end to the fun times. Once the baby has a schedule, you two can plan date nights at home or binge on TV series. The key is to revive the pre-baby days so that you can beat the stress.

Remember : The spouse came first

The spouse came first, and then the baby. And the spouse will be all you’ll have when your baby grows up and has a life of his own. You two need each other the most in the fast paced life. Work on your marriage to make this bond stronger and everlasting 🙂

C for Communication, the Key to A Healthy Relationship

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11 thoughts on “C for Communication, the Key to A Healthy Relationship

  1. It’s a tricky phase for every couple and must be handled with care. Greater responsibility lies with the father as the mother is so overwhelmed with feeding and sleepless nights. A good post Anchal

  2. I agree. My communication with my hubby did take a hit when I delivered. He kept himself busy with work and I felt a bit lost. I faced post-partum depression and got out of it with difficulty. At that time I didn’t even understand that I was suffering from it. Only with time I got over it. I am so glad now there are so many resources and awareness. Communication with your spouse would surely help a new mum avoid it and enjoy the new change in life.

  3. This post is a great reminder for everyone. It’s so convenient to blame the situations and eventually create a gap. A couple becomes a parent later but is always a couple first. Good one, Anchal!

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