January 28, 2023

How to Choose Good Books for your Pre-schooler

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Reading habit is a very beneficial one to be inculcated in the daily routine of your child. We all are familiar with benefits of reading to kids and its never too early to start with it. We all get overwhelmed when we enter the children’s book store and we need to choose books. But it is important that we pick up the right books which would keep our children engrossed and make them fall in love with books.

Here are a few suggestions to choose the best books :

(Based on my personal experience) 

1) Books with rhyming words :

And as soon as I wrote rhyming, I started singing “ One fish, two fish, Red fish, blue fish” in my head. This is a book by Eric Carle and one of our favourite books so far. The short rhyming words are easy to pronounce and memorise for the kids. So look for books which are based on nursery rhymes, alphabets or learning numbers. Coming back to this book by Eric Carle, after reading it so many times, my son recites the end of each line in this book. And it left me so surprised.

2) Books with colourful illustrations :

Colourful illustrations catch the attention of the kids. Talk about the pictures with your child. These also help in increasing imagination and you can create your own story and let your child create his.

3) Books according to your child’s interest :

My son has always shown a lot of interest in farm animals and we recently bought a story book based on how two thieves are about to steal eggs form a farm and the way the ladybird saves the day. The story is long and my son shows a lot of interest in it. he loves all the illustrations of the animals and listens to whole story so patiently. When you read books that fit the interest of your child, he will love reading. Some children have interest in cars while others like books based on Disney characters.

4) Classic books :

They never go out of style. Alladin, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Hansel and Gretel and many more classic story books can be bought. We can choose the books we read as kids. I am sure the sweet nostalgia will strike back 🙂

5) Different types of books :

Kids are attracted to books where they can open and close flaps, or make sounds. Books like these let them have some fun while learning.

Reading can be made so much fun. All we need is quality time with the kids and lots of snuggles later.

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