October 22, 2021

D for Dreams, You’re Never Too Old to Chase Them

Dreams ! Each one of us sets a dream for our lives at a very young age. Some children want to become pilots while some dream of becoming doctors. We grow old and life happens ! Not all our dreams turn into reality. But why should we stop dreaming when become older?

D for Dreams, Chase them as long as you can !

I had a conversation with my husband recently that I wanted to get back to corporate life and work for a firm as their social media executive. I kept on telling him that I am old now and now one will consider me for sure. He pushed me to write a fresh resume and put it up in a job portal. I was very lazy in doing that because I had made up my mind that no one would every hire me !

Finally I wrote one and shared it across and within a few weeks I started getting calls from decent media firms in Mumbai. This boosted my self confidence and I know someday my dream would come true 🙂

Why do we underestimate ourselves?

I realised that I underestimated myself all the time. Probably because I was afraid of failing. Or I did not really know what I could fulfil? But who am I to decide that? Unless and until we take a step forward, how can we predict the consequences.

You’re never too old to turn your dreams into reality !

But that doesn’t mean you should sit and only dream and do nothing else about it. You’re never too old for doing anything in the world. You wish to learn playing an instrument or learn a form of dance ! Just go ahead. Do not think about that how other would judge you. Or what people would talk behind your back. Our life is too short to think about others. Let us focus on what we want from our life and take steps to fulfil our dreams.

D for Dreams, You're Never Too Old to Chase Them

Should our dreams take a back seat once we become parents?

Of course not! Many parents come to conclusion that after having a baby, their life and aspirations are tied to their baby. How can you one be happy when one is not content from heart. When one’s aspirations are not fulfilled. This is where, as responsible parents, both need to express their dreams and work towards fulfilling them at same time accommodating their family life.

Our children learn from us everyday. We are not setting a good example by giving up. My aim for writing this post was to motivate every one who still holds an unfulfilled dream close to their hearts. Get out of your comfort zone and chase your dreams. Life is too short to keep waiting for the right time to come.

And, while we are talking about dreams, I would love to mention that do not restrict your children’s dreams at any point of time. Let them try every possibility in life and decide themselves. This world is a vast place. Every child makes his/her space at some point in life 🙂

D for Dreams, You're Never Too Old to Chase Them

13 thoughts on “D for Dreams, You’re Never Too Old to Chase Them

  1. I’ve been really complacent about looking for a job too…same reason. After such a long gap, who will hire me. Everyone who was with me when I quit is way ahead by now. And secondly how will my relationship with my baby change if I’m away all day? These thoughts haunt me all the time. Your post has given me something to think about

    1. Hey. Its grey on white. I don’t think you should have an issue there. But will still check if I can make it darker. Thanks 🙂

  2. True. There really isn’t and shouldn’t be a limit to having and chasing dreams. I’m glad to know you finally took the step. Good luck.

  3. We should chase our dreams always. I realised it late after 35 years of age but now that I have, I am enjoying my life and it has helped my relationships also.

  4. I always believed in following dreams, have done that all through my life and I am quite happy with the outcome. In-fact I even tell my daughter, dreams are plans which God feeds in our head to make it happen. Nice post Anchal, good wishes.

  5. That’s some food for thought. I have same apprehensions and starting career right from scratch is not worth the effort for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Happy to know that you were able to find work options. Kudos!

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