January 28, 2023

Car Seat Safety Tips for a Safe Ride

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Safety comes first whenever we think about our family and kids. And safety while travelling should be taken care of at all times. Car seats help a lot in keeping our kid safe during travelling. Proper installation of the car seat is very important. Following are the tips that should be kept in mind to ensure car seat safety :

Car Seat Safety Tips for a Safe Ride

Proper installation of the car seat

The car seat needs to be installed in a proper manner according to the instruction on the manual. It has to be compatible with the vehicle it is installed in. Always get the seat installed by a professional and read the manual carefully. Check out cars.com to read more information about car seat safety checks. Always ensure to check the seat before starting a ride.

The child should ride in the back

A lot of my friends asked me if they can install the car seat in the front seat. A big no. The front seats contain the air bags which can be dangerous for the kid during crashes. The car seat should always be away from the airbags. The seat should be installed in the middle of the back seat. Second best option is right behind the passenger’s seat and the third behind the driver’s seat.

Reclining position

Most of the car seats come with the option to recline the back of the seat according to the age and weight of the child. Always adhere to the instructions mentioned. Many a times we move to the upright position too soon. Even when the baby is not ready.

Harness belt

Harness belt should snuggle the baby up. Remove all heavy and fluffy clothes before placing him in the car seat. That would not allow proper placing of the harness belt.

Modifications in the seat

Do not make any modifications in the seat by yourself. Always approach the manufacturer if any changes are required.

Car seats are for the safety of our little ones but they need to used correctly to do their job. Always keep the safety manual handy.

How do you ensure your child’s safety while travelling?

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  1. I agree with you. Buying the best car seat is not enough you have to make sure that you have done a proper installation in the car. Other points that you have mentioned in the post are important too. Thanks for sharing.

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