December 16, 2019

10 Amazing Books to Teach Animal Sounds to Toddlers

Learning animal sounds is an important development milestone for kids. Have you ever thought that teaching these animal sounds is making your child ready for his first words? Now, you must be wondering how can a “moo moo” or “quack quack” help my child’s language development?

The easiest speech sounds for babies are the vowels and P,M,T,D,W,N,B. And when you combine these, you get the animal sounds— “moo”, “baa” , “neigh”. These sounds are fun and the abby can easily imitate you and make these sounds. And here you are establish the foundation for his language development.

Learning the animals sounds also helps in cognitive development because the child learns to associate a sound with the picture and name of the animal. As this helps in associating a word and an image it would help him to identify other objects and their names. This is a precursor to what your child will be doing around 4-5 years of age where he would learn to associate a sound with a symbol. So the next time you ask your toddler “What does a sheep do” and he replies “baa baa”. Pat of his back and tell him how proud you are, because that is a lot of processing for them.

O for Old Macdonald had a Farm

This classic rhyme is the perfect one to teach animal sounds. Combine it with a book with images of the animals are your child is all set to learn the animal sounds. I am sharing a few books which can help you in teaching animals and animal sounds to your child. There is no specific age to start because you would know when your child is ready. You can get these at 6-12 months when your child starts recognising objects. And they he would love them for a long time. The books which come with flaps and sliders would help in developing his fine motor skills. They would also keep him busy for a longer time. Sharing our favourite farm animals books below.

Our Favourite Books to Learn Animal Sounds

1) Baby Touch: Moo! Moo! Tab Book

10 Amazing Books to Teach Animal Sounds to Toddlers

This is an amazing book for learning animal sounds. The tabs make it easier to access and the touch and feel areas stimulate the baby’s senses. It has all the important animals and their sounds and thus a perfect book to start with.

2) Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Animals Playbook

10 Amazing Books to Teach Animal Sounds to Toddlers

This is another book which can be introduced at an early age. Babies would love spotting the animals and exploring the touchy-feely textures. You may teach the sounds of each animal soon.

3) Peek-a-Moo!

10 Amazing Books to Teach Animal Sounds to Toddlers

This is a fun book because little ones love to play peek a boo. Children play peek-a-boo with the animals and lift the flaps to see which animal is under neath. Guess who? “Peek-a-moo!” says the cow. “Peek-a-squeak!” says the mouse. It has bold and funny illustrations and a great book to own.

4) Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

A book by Bill Martin, combines animals, sounds and colours. It is a sequel to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? It has beautiful illustrations and a great read with the kids.

5) The Farmer’s Away! Baa! Neigh!

Written by Anne Vittur Kennedy, this book portrays the mischief sounds of animals when the farmer turns his back to them. There any fin activities while the farmer goes away. It is an infectiously rhythmic picture book that’s a delight to read aloud.

6)Moo, Baa, La La La! (Boynton Board Books)


This one is from one my favourite authors, Sandra Boynton. Her books are very funny. And kids love it for a long time. 

7) Sing Along With Me! Old Macdonald had a Farm


This is a slider board book which illustrates the rhyme Old Macdonald had a farm. You can sing this rhyme and show the pictures of the various animals. 

8) Baby Says “Moo!” [padded board book]


When you ask the Baby what dogs say or horses say, he has only one answer: “MOO!” Written by JoAnne Early Maken, it is a lovely book to read with babies.

9) Busy Zoo (Busy Books)

This book is based on the theme of a zoo. Children would love to push and pull that tabs to meet the animals. And learn their sounds.

10) Bizzy Bear: Farmyard Fun

Bizzy bear helps out on a farm and meets the farm animals. This quite and interactive book. This has been our latest purchase and my son loves it. There are so many other things that you can teach like counting animals , or feeding the pigs. The book is sturdy with easy to pull and push flaps.

Some more books you would love to consider :

Ladybird Big Noisy Book: Farm Hullaballoo!

Noisy Baby Animals (My First Touch and Feel Sound Book)

Say Boo to the Animals! (Say Hello)

Busy Noisy Farm 10 Button Sound Book: A Noisy Adventure on a Busy Farm

Noisy Peekaboo: Zoo

Books that help in teaching animal sounds to toddlers


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