October 22, 2021

Blogchatter A to Z Theme Reveal : Unlearn the Alphabets

Blogchatter A to Z

Blogchatter A to Z challenge is only a few days away. And as April is coming close, I am feeling nervous about this. I was pretty sure about what I wanted to write but was scared if I would be able to complete this challenge or not. But life without challenges isn’t a normal life right ? ( As if sleep deprivation wasn’t a big challenge already). So finally I decided that I will dive into this ocean of challenge and give my best to it. Let’s catch up with my theme 🙂

Unlearn the alphabets – A to Z

We are born, let out our first cry and wake up to a dreamy world that makes no sense at all. In no time, mommy teaches us A is for Apple, B is for ball…and slowly things start falling in to place. As you grow, the world around you changes from one word per alphabet to a dictionary of experiences. You get married and become parents and before you know it, it’s your toddler reciting the alphabets, clapping with sheer joy! (Mine can recite till H, Clap Clap !!!)

A to Z of parenting

But, parenthood gives another shot at learning the alphabets, or rather unlearning them. While Apple is still a tasty fruit and ball still relates to sports, A, B and other alphabets define something else entirely. So mama’s and papa’s, here’s your guide to unlearning the alphabets with your children.

What to Expect

I want to define the letters with their new meaning after I became a parent. This series will be an amazing read for parents to be and new parents. Or any parents out there 🙂 I would share tips, new ideas and some serious topics too. I am pretty sure most of you can relate to these new A B Cs. So, put on your reading glasses and watch this space from April 1, 2018 ( Serious about this ) onwards as I take on the Blogchatter A to Z challenge. I need a lot of motivation for this, and you guys are my source for that 🙂

Happy Reading 🙂

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