March 29, 2023

Dilemmas in picking the best toy

Dilemmas in picking the best toy

Toys are children’s best friends since a very early age. What do you gift when a baby is born in your family or friends circle? Toys. What do you gift on the birthdays? Toys again. Your children are more inclined towards buying toys when they go out shopping than clothes or books. But toys should not be considered just as a source of entertainment for kids because they can help in more important aspects in the child’s development. Our little explorers learn by doing things and can develop and practice new skills while playing. We feel that choosing the right toy is a cake walk but are overwhelmed when we see the large array of toys at the shops.

 Things to consider while choosing good toys

1)  Age Consideration : Toys are very specific to the age group of the children. We need to check that the toy we are buying is suitable for the child or not. It is always advisable to buy open ended toys so that the child can use it for a longer time and it keeps him engaged too.

2) Safety: Sometimes toys can pose a threat to the safety of the child and it is very important to check that before buying one. Babies try to explore every new thing by tasting it. And that can be unhealthy. The sharp edges or bad quality of the products can be hazardous as well. I bought a toy for my little one that was a Pokemon ball and furry animal sticking out of it. I failed to anticipate that the hair from the toy could potentially reach my little one’s mouth.

3) Aids in developing skills: Toys help a lot in developing skills for the children like hands and eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, cognitive and memory skills, language development etc. That is why I would say, playing time should be taken seriously because it can help a lot in teaching new skills. The right set of toys help a lot in learning and development.

4) Similar types of toys: The shops these days are flooded with similar types of toys. They all promise to help in growth and development of the kids.

5) Limiting gadgets time: Gadgets should not be introduced at a very early age. The screen and harmful radiations are bad for children under the age of two. After they cross two years of age, the gadget time should be limited. And instead more time should be devoted to games which involve physical movement or problem solving. This helps in overall development of the child.

6) Offering a few toys at a time: This would help them focus on a few. Offering too many toys at the same time will distract them. Also, if the child has different toys which are of similar type, do not introduce all of them at once.

You may feel that choosing the right toy is not an easy task! Some brands like Skola keeps all these issues in mind before designing toys. They research extensively on learning and development of children and offer the toys based on their findings. Will be sharing more about Skola Toys and how they are helping in the journey of child development in my upcoming posts.


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49 thoughts on “Dilemmas in picking the best toy

  1. Agree with all the factors you mentioned here. Giving a few toys at a time is something to be kept in mind. Kids should be given some time to understand and make the best of one toy before they get on to another.

  2. It indeed is a huge dilemma to choose the right toy when such a huge variety is available in the market. Keeping in mind the factors suggested by you is a good way of choosing best for your baby.

  3. Some really handy tips about selecting toys. To be honest, I never paid so much attention but you have made some very valid points that I will now keep in mind. have been hearing about skola toys lately but am yet to try them out. I think i should now!

  4. That is such an informative post!? yes we parents have to be very much careful while choosing toys for our babies/kids. I am a sucker for wooden toys. I will surely check this brand skola toys!

  5. Initially i used to let him loose and give him access to all toys. Then i saw it was a wasteful exercise. He would get frustrated and not know what to do. Now i offer access only tp certain toys and rotate too. Great tips Anchal

  6. Important pointers to keep in mind surely. Otherwise we do make unneccesary expenses on buying toys and then thew kid loses interest in sometime. Thanks for this. Will check out Skola toys.

  7. I try to see if my kids are going to be engaged while playing with a particular toy. If the toy is going to hold the kid’s interest for quite some time plus it doesn’t have any educational value to it, I will.not buy that. I look for both Es (education and entertainment). I liked the point that you mentioned in the post. Skola looks promising brand. Unfortunately they don’t do international shipping.

  8. That’s a really helpful post for us to pick up the right toy for our kiddo. I never really liked loud noise making toys or the ones with zillion lights hehehehehe…. I am definitely going to put more thought before picking a toy for my little.

  9. Good tips. But I would advise anyone who doesn’t know a child well to just give cash. Children nowadays have so many toys that it is difficult to give the perfect toy. They often have the popular ones. And if you have to keep a toy away…. they find them somehow or the other.

  10. Awesome read? Toys play a very important role in child’s over all development. It’s important to choose right & appropriate Learning toys.

  11. I used to be totally clueless buying gifts for nephews and nieces; I just went by the age on the package. Now that I have a toddler, I put a lot more thought into each one!

  12. I think these are good guidelines. It’s definitely beneficial to include physical movement for really young kids. Especially, since their muscles aren’t strengthened yet.

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