October 22, 2021

10 Favourite Love Songs From the 90s

I have created a playlist of the above songs. Apple Music users can download it from this link : Top Ten Love Songs of The 90s

“When words fail, Music speaks” — Shakespeare.

Growing up in the 90s was awesome and music had a major role in that. So many amazing artists ruled the charts in those days. Nirvana, Green Day, MJ…the list is endless. But on top of the emphatic music scene were love songs.


Those lyrics and beats guided me through a budding age and they were eerily relatable! In my opinion 90’s was the period when the evergreen love songs were released. I am still a big fan of the songs from that era. The lyrics of those songs clearly portrayed the love or the pain. I am sharing my favourite ones here.

10 favourite love songs from the 90s

1.     Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden

Top 10 love songs from the 90s

 I consider this one as a classic love song.

2.     As long As You Love Me -Backstreet Boys

Top 10 love songs from the 90s

My favourite band from the 90s. I wasted all my pocket money to buy their cassettes. And I have all their albums. This is my favourite song from this album.

3.     Thank You- Dido

Top 10 love songs from the 90s

4.     Everything I do (I Do It For You)  – Brian Adams

Top 10 love songs from the 90s

This song still brings chills whenever I hear it. 

5.     Wonderwall – Oasis

Top 10 love songs from the 90s

This was the first song my husband sang to me. He is the shy types and getting a dedication of song from him meant a lot.

6.     I Don’t Want to Miss A thing : Aerosmith

Top 10 love songs from the 90s

7.     Kiss From a Rose : Seal

Top 10 love songs from the 90s

8.     Right Here Waiting : Richard Marx

Top 10 love songs from the 90s

9.     My heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

Top 10 love songs from the 90s

10.  Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Elton John

Top 10 love songs from the 90s

I’m sure you guys also have fond musical memories from that era. Share your favourites in comments and let’s take a trip down the melody lane !

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49 thoughts on “10 Favourite Love Songs From the 90s

  1. Songs play an important part in everyone’s life and I too remember the songs I grew up to. But these songs you mention hold a special place too as I used to play them while ferrying my kids to and from school!

  2. this list contains couple of songs i still have on my play list. You brought back many memories of mine with this post.
    As long As You Love Me
    My Heart will go on
    Can You Feel the Love Tonight
    Are my absolute favorites 🙂

  3. The post itself is like a walk down the memory lane. Those mention of songs made me remember my school days when I too used to spend my pocket money in buying the cassettes 🙂
    My favorites among the above list are Backstreet Boys and Celine Dion… I love both Backstreet Boys and Boyzone songs. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

  4. Everything I do…..is my favorite , although I have never listened to 2-3 songs out of your list , Let me listen tonight before going to bed ,, yes music soothes me

  5. Wow I loved going through your list 🙂 .. I love music and whenever I hear songs they remind me of specific events or memories associated with them. I loved hearing to Truly madly deeply and as long as you love me. To be honest I still do 🙂 .. Whenever I hear these songs it brings a smile to my face ..

  6. Ooh boy. Of the top of my head,
    Babe – Take That
    Paint my Love – Micheal learns to Rock
    When you say nothing at all – Ronan Keating
    A whole new world – Aladdin OSt
    At the beginning – Anastasia OSt
    Because you loved me – Celine Dion
    You are not alone – Micheal Jackson

  7. You took me back to college days when these songs made up for the absence of love in my life. 😉
    Most of them are my favourites. You missed out Boyzone there or don’t like them?

  8. Hi Anchal! What a nostalgic and delightful post! They dont make love songs like these anymore. Love all the songs in this list and so many more…´Have you really loved a woman?´, ´Lovefool´, ´It must have been love but its over now´ and even No Mercy´s ´Where do you go?´….Too many gems in the 90s era. Love and Cheers!

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