October 22, 2021

Babywearing : Always at your rescue!

Motherhood is a challenging job. Especially if you are a new mom. There are clingy days and sleepless nights. Then there are days when the baby wants nothing else but, you.He wants to be held all the time and cannot be pacified in any other way. This is when babywearing comes to your rescue. It not only makes your everyday convenient, but there are so many other benefits too. I have two baby carriers- a ring sling and a full buckle carrier. These two are my best resources.


Household Chores

There are countless number of days when Ayu wants to be held and taken around. On these days I wear him in my ring sling and finish the household chores. Carrying him in the sling makes me hands free and I can easily run my errands.

Mall Hops

Babies get intimidated seeing the crowd in the malls. I have seen so many babies crying while they are out with their parents. Babywearing comforts the babies in such scenarios. Ayu sleeps off in the carrier most of the time and we shop and eat.

Breastfeeding in public

It is so easy to breastfeed in public when you are babywearing. The extra cloth over the carrier helps to keep the prying eyes away.

Car Rides

Ayu loves his car seat on most of the days, and I wear him on the days that he doesn’t. And I wear a seat belt after wearing him in my sling. It keeps him comfortable and secure.


Babies sleep better when they are in contact with their parents. On the not so good days, Ayu naps only when I wear him. It makes him sleep for a longer time.


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29 thoughts on “Babywearing : Always at your rescue!

  1. It truly is a blessing I still remember my trip to Bangkok was like a cakewalk all credits to babywearing

  2. The first time I saw someone wearing her baby was a colleague of mine who came to class to teach with her baby napping in her carrier. Really, there are so many way baby-wearing is amazing.

  3. I am glad I was introduced to babywearing when before I was born and it truly made my journey super comfortable and so much more fun. Especially on vacation and while traveling

  4. Its really a useful product for moms and babies. I never tried this coz I was not aware about this the time when i need this. And feel regret of not using this. But now my little sis is pregnanat and I am planning of gifting this one to her.

  5. I have a toddler who is in the clingy phase. She just want to be attached come what may πŸ™„β€¦. Your post came at the right time. I am going to check baby carriers and I think that will help a alot . Thank you for sharing this.

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