March 29, 2023

B for Babywearing for Beginners : Wear Them All

I wanted to write on B for breastfeeding. That is when I realised, there is already a lot of information on breastfeeding and I rather talk about something which is very close to my heart : Babywearing. This concept is not new and has been prevalent since many years. In this blog I would shed light on the benefits of babywearing and how to choose a suitable carrier for your baby or toddler.

B for Babywearing

Babywearing is the practice of carrying your baby or toddler in a baby carrier. This is also an important part of attachment parenting. A term coined by Dr. William Sears. It also one of the seven B-s of attachment parenting. Wearing a baby keeps him close to you and this touch helps a lot in his emotional development.

B for Babywearing for Beginners : Wear Them All

Benefits of Babywearing

  1. Happy baby and happy mother : Wearing your newborn can help increase the mother’s oxytocin levels which helps in easier breastfeeding and creates a beautiful bond. It keeps both the baby and the mother happy. Babywearing helps the premature babies or babies who gain weight slowly to gain weight faster. Of course, the fathers can wear the babies too and enjoy the bonding.
  2. Breastfeeding : You can breastfeed your baby in some carriers. That helps when you are in public too.
  3. Calmer babies : The touch of parents helps in keeping the babies calmer. It helps a lot during the fussy phases.
  4. Household chores : You can do the household chores carrying the baby which cannot be possible otherwise.
  5. Comfort : It is more comfortable to carry a child in a baby carrier. These carriers also help in carrying older babies.
  6. Help in baby’s overall development : Carrying the baby makes him stimulated by the sense of touch, smell and sound of the wearer. This helps the baby regulate his own physical responses. This helps in better mental and physical development.

How to choose a suitable baby carrier :

Keep the following tips in mind while choosing a baby carrier :

  1. Age and weight of the baby
  2. Type of carrying
  3. How long you wish to carry.

The following carrier comparison chart has been created by Soul for you to choose a suitable carrier. Soul is known for its ergonomic carriers whose fabrics are hand and machine weaved in India. They carriers are made of natural fibres and are safe and breathable. I currently own three beautiful carriers from Soul and they made my babywearing experience so special.

Babywearing carriers
Carrier Comparison Chart from

Types of baby carriers from Soul

  1. Anoona : This is a full buckle carrier which is recommended from birth to toddlerhood. This carrier offers 5 carry options newborn, front, front facing out, hip and back carries. It has adjustable straps and panel to wear the baby comfortably.
  2. Full buckle standard/toddler : This is a soft structured carrier (SSC) which comes with 2-way shoulder adjustment + PFA(Perfect Fit Adjusters)  + sliding back/chest straps. Can be used for front and back carrying.
  3. Onbuhimo : This is a Japanese-inspired waistless buckle carrier with PFAs at the top of the shoulder straps. It is recommended for kids who have sufficient torso control to support their heads and sit up independently.
  4. Wrap : This is an unstructured carrier which has a long stretch of fabric which can be used to wear the baby in many ways. This is a versatile carrier and can be used for a newborn to toddlerhood.  Can be use for carrying newborn, front back and hip.
  5. Ring Sling : These are full wrap conversion carriers. These support newborn, front and hip carrier. Its a single shoulder carry and is good for quick ups and downs.

Sling Libraries

Sling libraries have many babywearing educators which help you to try different baby carriers and choose the best one for you and your baby. You can search for local sling libraries to check out various baby carriers.

B for Babywearing for Beginners : Wear Them All

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10 thoughts on “B for Babywearing for Beginners : Wear Them All

  1. I used a ring sling and fell in love with it. It was so simple! It was also the only way I could get my highly sensitive autistic baby to stop crying (other than nursing her).

  2. Babywearing was a lifesaver on many occasions and I really regret that I didn’t wear N more often. Sadly our babywearing days are over now 🙁

  3. There is a lot of information and awareness on baby wearing now, it’s very helpful to new mums. Nine years back one of my friends gifted me a carrier and it kept lying my wardrobe. I should have used it. My life would have become so simpler. I could have worn her while doing the housework or carried her around with ease while travelling.

  4. Very informative post. I tried, but neither my daughter nor me found it comfortable. That gives me back pain and she just wanted to come out of it.

  5. We were gifted an extremely functional baby career when our first baby was born. I can’t thank that person enough. However, between us, my husband the babywearing. I took that as an opportunity for him to bond with the baby which otherwise was not possible owing to his busy schedule and travel. This is a very informative post, Anchal. Thanks for sharing.

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