March 29, 2023

P for Papa, My Baby’s First Words

P for Papa, My Baby's First Words

Baby’s first words are always special for parents. This is a milestone every parent waits for. You see you newborn crying and that is how he communicates till do many months. And then all of a sudden he starts cooing and gurgling. And then you patiently wait for your baby to say his first words. Do you wanna know what my son said as his first words? Let’s know more about that and a bit about how the babies start talking.

Baby’s First Words : The Timeline

Babies start saying the vowel sounds like aaa, eeee anywhere between 6 weeks to 3 months of age. By 5 months, they can combine consonants and vowels like aa-gaa, aaa-daa. G,D,B and P are the easiest for them to say. They can say double consonants without knowing meaning (ba-ba, da-da) by 8 months of age. Soon they discover the meaning of these words and starts associating words with sounds. They would realise that the ba ba they did when they were younger was what a sheep says. Do not worry if your baby hasn’t spoken according to this timeline. Every child is different and develops at his own pace.

P for Papa, My son’s First Words

My bub babbling and gurgling when he was five months old. He started with da-da and one day he said maaa and then forgot that word. I was hoping his first real word would be mama. But turns out he wanted to impress his papa. We thought that he does not understand the meaning of papa. But one fine day he started clapping and saying “papapapa” as soon as he saw his dad. IT was a very beautiful moment and though I was a bit jealous, I was proud of him nonetheless. My son has been a quick learner when it comes to talking. He is 19 months old now and can speak more than 50 words(english and hindi). He imitates what we say and soon associates it with the activity or the object.

What were your child’s first words? Share in comments.

P for papa, My baby's first words

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4 thoughts on “P for Papa, My Baby’s First Words

  1. I’m happy that my baby’s first word is Mama. I think it’s because I am talking to her more often cause his dad is always out for work. And I’m always teaching her to say “ma” rather than “pa”. My husband was jealous over it but I’m feeling great. It’s so fun to see our babies development.

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