November 15, 2019

Five Little Monkeys ‘Jumping’ on the Bed

J for jumping

Every kid knows this rhyme because it is so fun to recite and enact. I am sure most of the parents must have heard this. If not, let me share the background, there are five monkeys who are jumping on a bed and every time one falls off the bed. Each time the mother is worried and calls the doctor. The doctor tells the mother ” No more monkeys jumping on the bed”. How is this related to this blog post? Because our little monkeys love jumping on the bed and fall down in real life too. And if he is not jumping yet, he rolls over or crawls towards the edge and then falls off. This question is one of the most asked in all mom forums “ My baby fell off the bed, what should I do?” So here is what you should do :

J is for Jump,What to do when if your baby fell off the bed 

If your baby fell off the bed, first of all please do not panic. You wont be able to comfort him if you yourself panic. This is inevitable with our babies who are always ready for action. Prevention is the best way to avoid these occurrences but accidents like this tend to happen. First thing to do is to check for any bruises or bumps on the head or other body parts. Also check if there was a loss on consciousness. If you think that a serious injury has occurred, do not try to move the child because it might further worsen the injury. Quickly call the ER. If there seems to be a bleeding, use a clean cloth or gauge to press the wound until you see the doctor. If you see that you kid is vomiting, try to turn him to his side and keep his neck straight.

If your baby seems fine and not seriously injured, comfort him and assure him that everything is okay. Keep an eye on him for at least 24 hours. Check for any bumps on the head and if you baby is less than a year old, call you doctor. If he looks okay after you gave him first aid but you are not sure about it, definitely talk to your doctor. 

When to go to the Emergency

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizure
  • A bleeding which does not stop
  • Unresponsiveness
  • A fracture
  • Concussion
  • Inconsolably crying
  • Bulging soft spot
  • Continuously touching head
  • Loss of balance : Unable to walk or crawl properly
  • Yellow or bloody fluid coming our from nose or ears

How to prevent these falls?

With babies, put them to sleep in a cot which has high rails If you are co-sleeping, attach high rails on the sides of your bed. Keep the floor carpeted to lower the impact of the fall. Put safety gates around the stairs. Try to keep the baby close to the floor while playing. With toddlers, teach them how to sail get down from he bed. Also, teach them not to jump form bed and couch because that might hurt them.

If inspite if this your baby falls off from the bed, check for the above points and call the doctor immediately if you notice something wrong. Early intervention helps. Do not dwell in mom guilt. Accidents are bound to happen with little kids. But stay cautious as much as possible.

What to do when if your baby fell off the bed

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