March 29, 2023

Baby Carrier Comparisons : Full Buckle Carrier versus Ring Sling

Full buckle carrier versus ring sling

I have been wearing my son since he was eight months old. I have used three different carriers till now. We started with a single layered ring sling which is a soft structured carrier(SSC) and then a single layered ring sling. Right now, I am very happy to try an Onbuhimo and will share details about that in a few weeks. I am often asked these question : Which carrier should I use? What is the difference between a ring sling and full buckle. So in this post, I would share my experience about full buckle carrier versus ring sling from Soul.

Baby Carrier Comparisons : Soul Full Buckle Carrier versus Ring Sling

Full Buckle Carrier versus Ring Sling

1)What is the starting age to use both the carriers?

A ring sling can be used from birth onwards. Ring slings from Soul come in 4 different sizes. A full buckle carrier standard can be used from 4 months onwards (7kgs/65cms approximately, can be used till 18kgs) and full buckle toddler can be used from 2 years onwards(11kgs/90cms onwards can be used till 22kgs). The only difference between full buckle standard and toddler is their age range. The full buckle comes in one size only.

2) What is the difference in the way the baby can be carried?

Using a ring sling, you can wear the baby in the front, hip or as a newborn. When using a full buckle the baby can be worn both front and back.

3) Anatomy : Full Buckle Carrier vs Ring Sling?

A full buckle is an SSC and has two way shoulder adjustments, PFA and sliding back and chest straps. It has a thigh padding and a hood. A ring sling is a full wrap conversion carrier. It has a gathered shoulder and can be used on either side.

4) Which one is more easy to carry while travelling?

A full buckle can be easily folded and carried but it takes more space as compared to a ring sling.

5) Which is more comfortable?

Full Buckle Carrier versus Ring Sling, I find both of them quite comfortable. For younger babies, ring sling is great but it gets a bit harsh on the shoulder once the baby grows. The full buckle has padded straps and I love using it if I need to wear my baby for a longer time. Also because, I can use the back carry option.

Everyone has a different comfort level with each of these carriers. A lot depends upon your usage. It is very important to use the carriers in the recommended way. The comfort level can be achieved with practice. 

Have you tired these two carriers? Which one is your favourite ? Share in comments 🙂

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