October 22, 2021

Ang-Tatva Review : The magic of Ayurveda

Ang-tatva review

We always long for chemical free skin and hair treatments and we finally have a brand which has solution to all our skin problems. Ang-Tatva was started by Misha to provide home made natural skin care products to customers. She is an amazing mompreneur and a fashion designer by profession. She is doing a great job by creating these wonderful organic products. Natural ingredients work the best for our skin. And having so many wonderful ingredients with their unique properties makes the products from this brand worth it. At Ang-Tatva, you may get products customised according to your needs

Kesh Tatva -Miracle Hair mask

Post pregnancy I was dealing with a lot of hair fall. Oiling or conditioning my hair was not bringing any respite. I came across Ang-tatva when a friend referred it to me. The first thing I noticed was the natural ingredients. I immediately decided to try this mask. As soon as you open the container, you can smell the curry leaves and ghee. This hair mask is a solution to all your hair related troubles.

Ingredients : Pure Cow Ghee, Yastimadhu, Fresh Amla juice, Mahabhrihgraj, Meetha Neem, Neem, Haritaki, Lodhra, Wheatgerm, some essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs

How to use : Mix the product well before use. Take out the required quantity in a bowl and warm it a little. The oil floats above and some residue is left in the bottom. Apply the residue on the scalp and the oil through the length. Let it stay for at least an hour. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo (you might need more washes to rinse off the product completely) followed by a conditioner.

TMS Review :

I was appalled to read the ingredients and researched a bit about them. Each and every ingredient has an amazing effect on the hair. When I first used the mask, I only washed my hair once and did not use a conditioner. The result was not as good as I expected. The second time, I kept the product in my hair for a longer time and washed twice. I used my routine conditioner after the wash. This time I fell in love with my hair. My tresses were shining and felt so great to touch. 

What I did not like :

  • It takes two washes to rinse off the product from the hair.
  • The mask drips down on the face sometimes. I feel it should be a bit thicker.
  • The strong smell of herbs doesn’t go away after wash.

Ang tatva review

Kaya Tatva- The Glow Worm

Ingredients : Rice flour, Refined flour, Khus, Yastimadhu, Lodhra, Kesar and a few more ayurvedic herbs.

How to use : Mix a teaspoon of this pack with little honey and milk to make a thick paste. Apply a layer on your face and neck. Let it rest for 15 minutes to show its magic. Dip a wash cloth in water and wipe off the mask with it.

TMS Review : It is a boon for mommies like me who do not have time to visit the parlour often. After using the mask, I saw an immediate glow on my face and skin felt so smooth.

kaya Tatva- Scrub off

Ingredients : Rava, Brown sugar, Baking Soda, Orange Peel, Aloe Vera, Lemon Peel, Neem leaves, Kesar, Methi leaves and a few more herbs.

How to use : Mix a teaspoon of the scrub with a tablespoon of Aloe vera gel (or curd) to make a thick paste. Massage on your face and neck for five minutes. Let it rest for 15 minutes. When it looks semi dry, massage it off.

TMS Review : I have an oily acne prone skin. Hence my face is full of blackheads and whiteheads. I needed a scrub which can efficiently remove these and not be harsh on the skin. And this scrub did exactly what I wanted. I did feel a little redness after using it. My skin is super sensitive so a little redness was expected. It faded away after a few hours and my face looked clean and fresh.

Ang tatva review

Kaya Tatva – Coffee Bean Scrub

Ingredients : Freshly ground coffee beans, coconut shred, aloe vera and sugar

How to use : Take a little amount and scrub it on damp skin, till the ingredients dissolve. Rinse with cold water.

TMS Review : Did you know that scrubbing your body increases the blood circulation and thus helps in reducing the cellulite form the skin? Coffee scrub is a wonderful product for those who have cellulite( like me). I have used this scrub twice and I love it. Most of the scrubs are very harsh on the skin and leave the skin irritated. This scrub is very finely ground and your skin would love it.

How to buy

If you are interested in the above products or wish to know about the other products from Ang-Tatva, Contact at 88888 49000. Their website will be up soon

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23 thoughts on “Ang-Tatva Review : The magic of Ayurveda

  1. All looks very amazing and effective products. Looks effective because all are natural and looks herbal. I personally like this brand. Coffee scrub is one of my favourite scrub. It’s just ultimate

  2. I loved the prodcts from Ang Tatva they are customised as per the customer need that is the USP I loved it. Thanks for sharing your review

  3. They looks very promising and effective products for my skin type people. Yet to try this brand add this on my wish list. Thanks for the sharing.

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