March 23, 2023

An Honest Letter to the Tired Sleep Deprived New Moms

A letter to new moms

Dear New Moms,

Hold on to these moments. Trust me, they are fleeting…

It’s 2 AM, the baby is stuck to your bosom and you are waiting for him to fall asleep so you can go to bed too. It’s been 2 months since you had a good sleep because you’ve been a new mommy. Everyone who comes to see your new baby asks you about your experience as a new mother, and the first question you ask them is, “When will the baby start sleeping through the night?” Days pass, and then months but you’re still struggling to get some sleep and so does your baby. You are frustrated because somebody is dependent on you 24*7. You wait for the baby to grow up so that he becomes a better sleeper because you are tired of everything. All the new moms go through this !

A letter to new moms

They grow up too soon

And that is when it hits you, when did this little squishy thing grow up? While you were busy cribbing about lack of sleep and your ohh so tired body. And this hits you hard. ย And then you start missing that tiny angel who came into your life and changed everything about it. You miss that little helpless baby who was stuck on you for nursing for hours together and now has been weaned off breastmilk. You miss the baby who was dependent on you for all his nourishment and is on solids now and needs you mostly for comfort feed.

These tiny human beings grow up too fast. Every day they achieve a new milestone and then there is no looking back. I know you are a tired, helpless and frustrated new mother. Taking care of a new born all day and all night exhausts you. And most importantly when all of a sudden there is a human life that needs your attention all the time, so much that it becomes difficult for you to do your daily chores such as bathing and eating.

Cherish these moments

Just remember, this is the baby you prayed for and have in your arms now. He needs you now and soon he won’t. Help him grow up and become a strong individual. Cuddle him, snuggle him, kiss him and hold him tight because soon he will be a new person and run away from you to live his independent life. Till then enjoy the madness and cherish every moment you spend with him.

letter to tired sleep deprived moms

P.S : My son was around nine months old when I wrote this and his sleep improved once he started solids. There are exceptionsย when the growth spurts strike or he has troubles with teething. I was checking out his baby pictures today and I realised how much he has grown up in these nine months. I went and talked about this with his dad and he pointed out how frustrated I used to get in the initial months after having him because of lack of sleep and his gas issues. So this post is coming from the heart and soul of a mother to other new moms around the world.

P.P.S : He is eighteen months old now and I have the same feeling whenever I see his baby pictures and I want all the new moms to read this because it means a lot to me.ย 


38 thoughts on “An Honest Letter to the Tired Sleep Deprived New Moms

  1. awww… everyone goes through this phase my son didn’t let me strech my legs for 3 months forget sleep..he was a lap detector …he would immediately get up when put in bed and i mastered the skill of sleeping while sitting but after 3 months the sleep schedule was in place and so was my son in bed..

  2. So completely agree.. I have a 7 year old, And i wish I could turn the clock back and see him as a squishy baby just one more time. He was so perfect then … true I cannot remember where the time went. ???

    Same wi th my 3 yr old.

  3. Thank you for this reminder. My little boy is 14 months old now and I definitely miss the ‘baby’. I always wish time away by saying I cant wait for him to be able to do xyz, but i need to remember that he is not going to be a baby forever.

  4. Yes, they do grow up and out of this phase, but the sleep deprivation is a huge part of a new mom’s life and really difficult to deal with.

  5. Sleepless nights comes complementary with motherhood. It’s so funny that we want out little bud to bloom fast and when it becomes a flower we miss the bud phase. ..

    Nice read Anchal!!

  6. It’s really heart touching …I just don’t want my sweet lil cuty pie to grow old .. Love to keep her besides me…

  7. Hi der, m still going thru that phase. Sleepless days and nights that smtimes made me yell on my boy. I ws like ” ooohh god, wat a trouble is this. Wen wud I b at my comfort. Wen wud I b fully cmfrtable. O baby grow fast so that I cn hv my life too. Bt Yesterday wen my lo was taking a nap, I ws just looking at him, thinking this is d time he needs me. His little hugs. His holding my fingers. Luking at me at the time he needs milk or comfort or sleep. He won’t b asking for the same again wen he wud grow. The thought really moved me. So I hv started liking more my motherhood and enjoying every moment with him. God bless all the monies.

  8. My second daughter isn’t sleeping through the night yet, but at 4 months it’s normal. You do forget to stop and enjoy sometimes. I am sometimes in the future and sometimes in the past, but when I am present I can fully enjoy my girls and vice versa.

  9. I’m still nursing my 20 month old and sadly we still haven’t night weaned! My sleep is still all over the place. But you’re right, they grow up way too fast! And since I’m done having babies, I am taking my sweet time weaning her, so not exactly my baby’s fault either lol.

  10. I have been there too. It sure was a tough phase. But as you said missing on how they grow while we crib is something I never thought of. And that’s so true. I already miss that lip smacking, crawling baby.

  11. This post almost had me in tears! It’s so true how fast they grow. My babies are 1.5 and almost 4, that’s just insane to me! I take in all the snuggles I can everyday because I’m constantly reminding myself that before long they will be wanting to spend more time with their friends, boyfriends, sports, etc…So just enjoying Every. Single. Moment.

  12. This is great advice. It’s hard at 2am when you are exhausted to remember all of the good aspects of your precious little one.

  13. What a beautiful post! I remember these days, they were not that far back for me. My son just turned 8 months. It really happens so fast ๐Ÿ™ Everyone tells you that, but you can’t really understand until it has already come and gone for you. I honestly miss it. My son is already self-weaning and absolutely hates resting with me. When he’s tired, he wants to be in his crib, alone :'( I would give anything to go back for one more night like this.

  14. “You miss the baby who was dependent on you for all his nourishment and is on solids now and needs you mostly for comfort feed.” Wow! This part made me think back to last Christmas when I breastfed my little one for the last time -he teethed so early! I miss when he was a newborn

  15. This letter made me cry Anchal. My lo is 8 months old and i have sometimes cribbed for not getting enough sleep or at times for him being clingy. I want to freeze this moment so that i can hold onto him a little longer while he is still small.

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