October 27, 2021

Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day

Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day

Children’s day is around the corner and it brings back so many memories from my school days. I remember how teachers used to perform on stage and behave like kids. We used to have a fun party at school and took part in various fun activities. But as far as I remember all this fun was limited till school hours. Now being a parent, I feel we should make it special for our children. They should have fun time with their parents too. Once in a while we should become like our kids and have a gala time with them. This would help in parents-kids bonding too. Here are a few things you can plan this children’s day

Pretend Play

For a day, become kids and let your kids behave like parents. Let them guide you through the day. You’ll see how disciplinarian kids can become.

Bake together

Baking with the kids is so much fun. Prepare whatever your children prefer- cake, cupcakes or muffins and use their favourite flavour.

Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day

Have a Kids Disco Party

Put on some funky numbers and dance with your kids. teach them some of your favourite moves.

Plan a surprise picnic in your backyard 

Kids love surprises and surprise picnics can be a great way to be together on Children’s Day.

Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day

Share you childhood pictures and memories

Show them your childhood pictures and share your favourite memories with them. Kids love listening to stories and if these are real and fun stories of their parents, they would love them.

Give them a long bubble bath

Kids love being in water. Prepare to give them a fun bath and let them take their own time. Let this evolve into a water fight and join them in it.

Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day

Donate their old toys and clothes

This children’s day bring joy to those children who do not have lesser resources than you. make your children donate their old toys and clothes. This would bring a sense of sharing and understanding of value of things they possess. 

Give them surprise gifts

Give them some surprise gifts like books, toys or clothes. Hide these gifts in the house and let them hunt.

Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day

Give them your undisputed time and attention

Our kids deserve that. When you spend time with them, make sure you give them your full attention. They would love it.

Gift them chocolates and sweets

“Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye”. This special day calls for some indulgence in chocolates.

Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day

37 thoughts on “Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day

  1. I loved this baking with kids activities. The expresion of pride with the statement taste it mumma I made it something I always love. 🙂 Loved your post.

  2. Superb tips for children’s day celebrations. I like that surprise party at backyard idea. And thats also sounds great of donating toys and clothes to orphanage kids so that their children’s day also be great.

  3. Children’s Day is not anything we celebrate in the US. When is it? Maybe we could incorporate in our home. I like all of these ideas. I also love a day that celebrates childhood

  4. Time and attention- very well pointed out idea to make our kids feel special! I am going to follow a no-mobile-phone-day on Children’s day! Thanks for sharing some lovely ideas!

  5. I absolutely love the idea of pretend play. Since now my kids have grown up a bit, they will love to play this way.

  6. I love the idea of donating toys and clothes. This way we can make a needy kid’s children’s day special. And also I like Disco party idea. My son loves to dance on peppy numbers 🙂

  7. Baking together is so much fun. Caburys is the best chocolate ever. Definitely all kids will love them as childrens day gift idea

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